Andrew D Meredith, Epic Fantasy Author

Andrew D Meredith, Epic Fantasy Author


THRICE – Needle and Leaf  – Book 1 A father and son flee those that seek the boy and his bottomless well of soul-searing magic. But Jovan will stop at nothing—even face the mysterious bear...


THE KALLATTIAN SAGA DEATHLESS BEAST, KALLATTIAN SAGA VOLUME ONE Fates intertwine — Pantheon calls — Darkness grows Far too many blame their own bad luck on Hanen and Rallia Clouw. When opportunity knocks, they leap...


QUAINT CREATURES: MAGICAL & MUNDANE When a city councilor comes into Quaint Creatures and asks veterinary doctor Norrik Softstep to investigate the magical crate confiscated by his customs agency, the entire staff of Quaint Creatures...


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A Father’s Road

A father walks the road alone, his son at his side, as they seek the next meal, either given through kindness, or by the blood... Read More "A Father’s Road"

Netflix Pacing

We have Netflix to thank for a very important style of storytelling. It had already been around in some shows, such as Firefly, or some... Read More "Netflix Pacing"

The Rise of Slavic Fantasy

In recent years many an agent or book editor has shunned the “Secondary World Fantasy”  often associated with “yet another Fantasy set in Medieval Europe,”... Read More "The Rise of Slavic Fantasy"

My Fantastical History

Often people talk of the regrets of their past. I think there are things you can validly regret such as poor decisions that lead to... Read More "My Fantastical History"